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We can help with all types of bottling lines and converting equipment.  Our specialties include pouch dispensing, cotton inserting, and guillotine style converting equipment.

Established in 2003, ABOX Automation Corp has been serving our customers with unmatched customer service that goes well beyond the status quo.  No customer is considered to be too small and we strive to produce equipment that stands the test of time with little to no maintenance.  


ABOX Automation Corp. is dedicated to customer service. Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction regardless of their investment by providing a quality product.

We achieve this by:

Treating each customer with the utmost importance.

Providing excellent customer support.

Encouraging customer input on projects.

Keeping designated lead times.

Cost effective pricing for a superior product.

We view each customer as a business partner. We don’t succeed unless our customers succeed. We feel that a happy customer is a return customer. We would be honored to add you and your company to our team!

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Guillotine Knives

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